Home & Castle Service Rates

Keep Up with the Upkeep

Organising, Decluttering, Deep Cleaning & Detailing 
from £40

The Home & Castle Gleam Team support clients with the physical and emotional upheaval that can come comes with clutter.

Decluttering can be overwhelming to clients, who can be holding onto memories that are sad and hard to face. Our Gleam Team is sensitive to these conditions and aim to provide storage solutions that maintain the memories but keep the functionality and flow of the home.

We see decluttering as a chance to have a fresh start and perhaps shed a positive light on the feeling of letting go of what no longer serves you.

It is a delicate and emotional task and our team is fully trained to empathise with clients as they gently guide them towards new pastures.

Piles of Clothes on a Piano
Interior Design
Interior Design

Make Over Projects 
From £40

Whether the project is the under the stairs shoe mess, the kitchen cupboards, wardrobe or garden shedour Gleam Team can work with you to get you started on any

home make-over project.

House Keeping Services
from £15

Our Gleam Team can work along side you to get your house in order. We are able to provide you with on-going support in the home to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Supplies

Deep Cleaning & Detailing from £25

Our Gleam Team are skilled at "Finding The Grime" and provide "end-of tenancy" level cleaning and gleaming to bring your home up to a good maintenance level. It gives the home a fresh feeling and allows you to focus on the small daily tasks to keep it to a good standard.