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Your Journey to Wholeness starts with a single step and continues as long as you have Hopes, Dreams and Desires.


Thank “you” for taking a new direction towards becoming 

Myself Central



This mini-course is designed to encourage you to make small changes in your life, that collectively, can make a big difference in giving you the confidence you’ve always wanted.

If you are on social media you can post your progress using a personalised hashtag. This will give you a platform to share your Journey, Insights, Adversity and Triumphs with people that want to validate and recognise your efforts. 


"WELLthy living and FULLFILthy rich!"


You have the power to literally choose what you want to believe. And belief in that concept alone shifts you into alignment with possibilities that can become realities.

Rock Maze

The course takes you through researched and studied confidence, wellness and restoration techniques for of self-improvement.

You will began to see the pitfalls and blocks in your thinking and emotions, which cause you to stagnate in life.

After learning about these methods for changing negative habits and thought patterns you can choose to rewrite your programme.

Make a conscious decision to have a new approach to life with vision and clarity, and update your software.

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Body - Mind - Soul - Spirit


Research claims that the soul is the source of ones emotions. 
How you FEEL will affect how you THINK.

How you THINK will affect what you DO.

What you DO will form your HABITS.

When a negative thought comes into your mind, you have the
Negative thoughts produce negative repercussions.
The subconscious mind, which puts you in auto-pilot, can only access thoughts and feelings on the level at which you resonate. 
Therefore, when you operate and think out of emotions based in fear, doubt and sadness you can often feel angry, frustrated, anxious or depressed. 
This becomes the only level at which you can mentally process your emotions and reactions.

When you begin to make more conscious decisions and learn which thoughts need to be rejected, it subconsciously raises your frequency.

This will be an on-going system to allow your thoughts to keep you in alignment with your dreams, desires and goals.

It is your job to start telling yourself what you deserve and want rather then wallowing in your emotions over what you don't want.

You will still encounter difficult people or situations or have the same emotions come to the surface.

But, you will develop the confidence to more consciously respond rather then react.


"Nagetive thoughts", that nagging voice, in your head.

“You’re not good enough."
"You’re not worth it."
"You could never do that.”

If you choose to believe "Nagative Thoughts" you will see the effect of them manifest in your body through addictions to neediness, shopping, food, alcohol, work or drugs. 

Consciously correct your thought patterns and you will began to see the difference in your attitude and responses.
When these voices began to murmur in your head was quick to tell them to "shut up!" #stfu.
Chose to think the opposite of your nagative thoughts and expect the best outcomes for yourself.

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"First Steps" is designed to add direction, purpose and value to your daily life.

We encourage you to embrace ALL of who you are, the good and the bad and most importantly, the ugly.


This shift in your mind will open you up to new possibilities and opportunities.

Once this shift in my mind took place the possibilities and opportunities I encountered were amazing.

CLICK HERE >> The Journey So Far


"To get to your next level you need to know where you have been, where you are and where you want to be.

This is all part of your Journey to Wholeness.

Self-awareness will be the key to your enhanceMEnt!

Your perspective of the past will be the your key to your future."   



This is your make-over show.

You are the star.


The lead role in the life

you choose to lead.


Be the phoenix that rises from the ashes.


When we hit adversity we have to make the choice to find resilience this is the ONLY way to become stronger.


Become the next big project in your life.


What you want, think and feel matters.


"I started to get better outcomes and results, ones 

I chose and I wanted."

Charmaine Sangari