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Your Journey to Wholeness continues with every step and your pathway is revealed as you hold firm to your Dreams and Desires.


Thank “you” for making the Next Moves towards becoming 

Myself Central



Next Moves

This extensive coaching course is designed to encourage you to make small changes in your life, that collectively, can make a big difference in giving you the self-esteem and  confidence to reach your goals.

At certain mile-stones in the course you will have the opportunity to discuss your progress, thoughts, feelings and successes with Self-Esteem Mentor & Confidence Coach Charmaine Sangari,

the Founder and Director of Myself Central.


As with the complimentary First Steps Mini Course you can journal your progress privately or publicly on social media you can post your progress using a personalised hashtag. This will give you a platform to share your Journey, Insights, Adversity and Triumphs with people that want to validate and recognise your efforts. 


"WELLthy living and FULLFILthy rich!"


You have the power to literally choose what you want to believe. And belief in that concept alone shifts you into alignment with possibilities that can become realities.

Rock Maze

The course takes you through researched and studied confidence, wellness and restoration techniques for of self-improvement.

You will began to see the pitfalls and blocks in your thinking and emotions, which cause you to stagnate in life.

After learning about these methods for changing negative habits and thought patterns you can choose to rewrite your programme.

Make a conscious decision to have a new approach to life with vision and clarity, and update your software.

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Body - Mind - Soul - Spirit


"I started to get better outcomes and results, ones 

I chose and I wanted."

Charmaine Sangari