The Next Moves Coaching Course will encourage you to delve even deeper into your thoughts and beliefs. This will assist you in shattering the bonds of your past and releasing limiting beliefs.*

At the end of each section there will be a challenge activity for you to complete. This can be done privately, however we recommend users share their Next Moves on their Journey to Wholeness  

on Instagram* but they can also be shared on our page on Facebook.

* If you feel more comfortable create a second Instagram account that is dedicated to your journey.

*If you want to journal privately you must remember to follow @myselfcentral on Instagram 

* When you have started your course DM Myself Central to inform them so they can monitor your progress.

* If you are comfortable enough to do so, we feel you get the most benefit from the Myself Central community by sharing your journey publicly. This allows you to give and receive comments from other partakers in this course.

* You may encourage someone who is struggling with an issue you have overcome.

* Users that share their Journey openly will also be eligible to apply for out MAP Mentors programme in 2020 when the books open.

If you chose to Journal your Journey on Instagram you will also need to download the app Layout for Instagram



Next Moves

BENEFITS of the using Instagram to Journal your Journey:

  • Meet like-minded people

  • Boost social media and personal growth insights

  • Find focus

  • Find direction

  • Find hope

  • Find support

Rock Maze

Drawing on your own thoughts and experiences and sharing your knowledge can assist others who may be going through a similar situation. As you go through your journey and reflect on it on your own or with the Myself Central network you will grow and develop.

You will be directed to share your insight through:

  • Past experiences

  • Advice

  • Photos 

  • Compliments

  • Notes of encouragement (constructive criticism)

  • Proverbs

  • Quotes

  • A catch phrase or motif


Anything that you can think of that will

be uplifting.

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Body - Mind - Soul - Spirit



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