Myself Central

Myself Central was created & developed by single mum, Charmaine, who appeared on “Rich Kids Go Skint” back in 2018. She shares her inspirational story of going from being declared homeless and pregnant to following her passions to work on mainstream TV. To date she has appeared with some of the UK’s biggest comedians and continues to enjoy being part of the on-going seasons of BBC 2’s The Ranganation.


Myself Central's services "Home & Castle", "Wow Your Wardrobe, "Spa Where You Are" & the "Journey To Wholeness" Courses detail the practical steps that an individual can take when feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities and direction of their life.


Home is where the heart is, and Myself Central provides the structure for a rhythmic beat.

Charmaine, the Director and Creator of concept for becoming Myself Central grew up in a small UK town where diversity at the time was scarce. She lived with her mum only and did not know her dad or her heritage from his side. Charmaine's view of herself was limited and her biggest grievance was on the top of her head, her hair. But more then that it was the way she thought about her hair, which changed the way she thought about herself in general! After a long journey of trying to "fit in", it wasn't until well into Charmaine's late 20's that she decided to let her biggest stronghold go. And she let it all out!

This was the beginning of a spark that ignited inside of her. She started her

Journey to Wholeness in that moment.

There were plenty of storms she would have to navigate. The worst being when she found herself separated from her husband, registered homeless and pregnant on top!

Not only was her darling Shayla born, but also the concept of putting

Myself Central!

She realised she had gifts and talents that she no longer wanted to shy away from. She decided to embrace them along with her most outstanding features, her big hair and big heart. Charmaine had always wanted to be in a beauty pageant so at 33 she decided to get out of her own way! And she won!

She became UK's Dazzling Beauty 2017/19.

After this amazing Confidence Boost she really went for it and started putting herself out there, using visualisation and faith techniques, coupled with her own Spiritual beliefs. She appeared on 'Rich Kids go Skint', 'How to Lose Weight Well', a style refresh with Lisa Snowden for TU Clothing and most recently appeared with Romesh Ranganathan in his focus group for BBC2, 'The Ranganation.'

She totally changed her life by changing her thought processes and finding acceptance of her attributes.

Before her TV Debut's Charmaine had spent many years in the education system and found herself drawn to making people feel good about who they are.

Self-Esteem and Confidence has become, in her mind, the most important characteristics that need support and nurturing.

Charmaine now host's Confidence Seminars, Workshops & Conference's in the UK, speaking to women and teens about the importance of self-acceptance the role of Confidence in the Journey of Self-Discovery. 

Charmaine says, "I believe that a persons self-reflection not only affects their perception of themselves but also the world around them."

At Myself Central her team teaches people how to harness the power within them in order to usher in change for their situation.

"We believe every person has a purpose and a plan, no matter their walk of life or circumstances."

A persons self-perception has direct effect on productivity, initiative and output in a personal, academic and business environment.

To be highly effective it is beneficial for individuals to have a positive perception of themselves.

Myself Central offers understanding, to close the gap between self-image and its effect on the present and the future.

Confidence, Self-esteem and Self-awareness form a foundation from which a person can see their prospects with aspiration and hope.