Win a Heart & Soul

Are you Ready for an Over-haul!?

Wow Your Wardrobe

Revamp your PERSONAL STYLE with this in-depth    make-over looking at your style, your storage & access.


Together we will define your GOALS, Purpose & Passion  to showcase them in your outfits!


We also look at your getting ready station and your relationship with the getting ready process. 

Finally you will enjoy a personalised make-up tutorial.


Spa Where You Are

Your Mental Health Matters, which means you need time to yourself.


With Spa Where You Are Coaching & Support we will devise a Self-Care Regime that fits with your life style and requirements.


Home & Castle

Let's create a new flow in your home. With this free coaching and support your lifestyle, dreams and energy can be manifested in your home!

We provide a consultation and over-haul service to organise, deep clean and create storage & flow in your home.

We will create a space for you to breathe again!


Journey to Wholeness

Let's make you a MAP to find out where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there!


3 Items of your choice from Just Fab 

As part of your make-over we want to revamp your style with 3 items of your choice from Just Fab.

We will help you pick the best items for you based on your purpose and goals for your style.


Personal Shopping Experience

Let's get together at a your favourite shopping venue! In this coaching we share tips, tricks & hacks to help you shop more effectively. We give you the skills to be able to buy new items that will fit your new criteria and wardrobe palette & objectives.


£1 Raffle Ticket
Closes 31/12/22

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