This Extensive Course includes 1-2-1 Sessions, Wow Your Wardrobe & Spa Where You. It challenges clients to make small changes in their life, that collectively, can make a big difference in giving them the life they have always wanted.


"WELLthy living and FULLFILthy rich!"


You have the power to literally choose what you want to believe. And belief in that concept alone shifts you into the alignment and the possibilities that can become realities.


"Your life CAN be whatever you want. Just play your position and play it well."


Reduce the Stress of "what the heck do I wear?"

This course gives you a step-by-step guide to adding to, building or rebuilding your wardrobe.

It includes 4 colour pallettes to choose from, plus an easy implementation guide to shopping and organisation.

You will develop the confidence to put an outfit together based on your style, whether it be funky, chic, street, boho or mixed.

You will learn the best ways to dress your body type as well as how to shop for new items that will compliment your existing wardrobe.

   - Your current and Desired style

   - A colour pallete to Suit your Personality

   - Creating a mood board for Inspiration

   - Personal Shopping ideas for any budget

Are you ready to GET READY!?

Clothes Hanging on a Rack
Luxury Hotel Spa Collection


This comprehensive short course will teach you the fundamentals of self-care.
How to take care of yourself on a budget & what products you can use without breaking the bank.


Kidz CoCo Parties (Primary Age)

Perfect for Parties & Get Togethers!

Bring the Kidz together for FUN, Self-Discovery & Self-Confidence Building Activities!

The Kidz take part in an Hour Workshop designed to enhance their Self-Belief, Self-Esteem & Self-Acceptance.

Through Games & Activities they are given the opportunity to build a firm foundation in Who they are and to build an unshakable foundation of Self-LOVE!

Happy Kids

Teenie Vents (Secondary Age)

The Teen years can be tough at the best of times!

Teenie Vents give teens the space and time to really feel where they are at in this new place in their development.

Teenie Vents Photo Shoot, Under 18's Disco's and Make-Over Parties allow teens to explore their character and start to develop a stronger sense of self.

Happy Family