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The Journey is the Key!

“Life is what you make it.”

“You are the creator of yourself.”

“Make each day count.”

We hear these sayings every single day… Gone are the days where we can visit any form of social media without seeing, a saying, meme or quote like one of these.

It’s all very lovely, but seriously pointless… unless you know how to relate them to your own life.

So how do you choose to live out these words; realistically and with an approach for everyday life?

How do you make them a priority?

It’s easy to just scroll through your phone unconsciously, getting your daily dose of online advice.

‘Like’ the pretty words, ‘like’ the video of that healthy meal or ‘comment’ on that great workout regime from that a girl in the sexy, tight spandex.

It is easy to aspire to to these concepts, but how do you apply?

We live in a world where we are bombarded with end results, we see the outcome of hard work, the final product.

But where are the steps that lead up to this?

I want to see the blood sweat and tears …

What about the journey?

The journey is different for all of us, the obstacles we face can’t always be compared but the outcome is always the same. – Happiness, self-love, acceptance and genuine peace toward who we are.

"We all have something different to offer, we all carry wisdom and lessons from our trials. And those lessons are often found on the path, not at the destination." Ingrid Nazareth

They say we win or we learn, so I’m ready to see more of the learning curve from the people around me.

Imagine a place of transparency and honesty, a place where the goal is self-love but each journey is mapped out differently, accessible by all and used to truly encourage others that are on that same voyage.

I’m tired of seeing the facade of social media bliss. I’m tired of looking into some sort of utopia every time I open my phone, I’m not falling for it anymore.

The most frustrating thing is that behind each well thought out caption and perfectly positioned photo, is a raw, real, beautiful human who has overcome and triumphed so much of life.

That’s what I want to see… In fact, that’s who I want to be. I want to be someone who uses social media as a tool to encourage others with honesty and transparency.

Of course, I want to capture those beautiful moments too, but with the truth about how I was led to them.

"It’s time we see influencer's who aren’t afraid to bare all and to give us a daily dose of how they apply their positive outlook into the most mundane or dire situations."

Aaron Farrell (Social Media Marketing Expert)

So maybe, it’s time we show them.

Show them your own painstakingly beautiful mapped out…Journey to Wholeness.

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